Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Upgrade House & Find 7 Gems

disney dreamlight valley

As Disney Dreamlight Valley is a sim-like game, you will have various furniture, items, and much more to decorate your house as well as the Dreamlight Valley. While the valley is quite big, your house will be a little small at the beginning. You need to keep on collecting coins and wait for a quest to upgrade your house.

As you enter your house for the first time with Merlin, you can find it to be too small. After that, you will receive various items that can be placed inside the house, but there won’t be much space. Worry not, as you keep on playing the game eventually you will get a quest from Scrooge called “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101”. Below you will find whom you need to talk to upgrade your house.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Upgrade House, Add Floors & Find 7 Gems.

In this quest, you must find 7 gems and sell them at Goofy’s cart. Finding these gems can be challenging as you will find a few of the hard rocks on the walls. These rocks will be dark in color and attached to the cliff walls. Not all of these rocks will give gems, the rocks which have gems attached to them will guarantee one gem. Once these rocks are broken, they will form again after some time, in the meantime, you can try catching some rare fish or farming. After you collect all 7 gems, you need to visit the cart and sell the items. After that head over to Scrooge’s house and interact with him.

He will ask you to upgrade your house using the elevator inside your house. That means a new elevator is added inside the house and players can find it by just entering the house on the left side. The elevator will be further used for now to keep upgrading your house once you have enough coins. For the first upgrade, you need to spend 1000 coins which will just expand the carpet area of the house.

At the later stage of the game, you will also be able to add new floors and add other rooms. To add rooms you need to first upgrade your house. Interact with the Scrooge signboard outside your house to upgrade it using 2000 coins and then you can add other rooms. There are three different types of rooms available which are:

  • 10×10 – 3000 coins
  • 8×8 – 2000 coins
  • 6×6 – 1000 coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Add Floors In House

To add floors to your house, you need to first buy and add all three rooms. It doesn’t matter which size rooms you buy, but after buying you will unlock an option to add floors from the elevator.

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