Disney Dreamlight Valley- How To Fast Travel And Change Time

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, the hero has emerged in the magic world where we are on a mission to unite all Disney characters and live all together in the same city. If there are any ways to increase efficiency and complete quests very quickly then these game features might be useful. Learning these tricks might save lots of time.

How To Fast Travel And Skip Time In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you start earning Dreamlight points after completing quests and achievements; the first thing we do is unlock new areas and a new Realm from the Dream Castle. When the new area is unlocked, each area or location has a fast-travel location. If you are wondering what those fast travel locations are then you will be surprised.

The Wishing Well is the fast travel point that you might want to reconstruct quickly. It is required to let you fast travel from one area to another in order to quickly access storage at home when your inventory is full. Even the citizens of Dreamlight Valley, roam around and you can look and track them on the map. Instead of walking or running all the way from Plaza to Dazzle Beach to complete the quest, you can fast-travel and complete the request as fast as you can.

Change Time

There is a limit to how many times you can feed animals per day which is one. Even the shop gets refreshed daily and instead of waiting for the whole time, you can change the in-game time easily. To change time, all you need to do is change the clock of your Console, or PC.

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3 Replies to “Disney Dreamlight Valley- How To Fast Travel And Change Time”

  1. nonya

    DON’T do this. Problem is when you want to set your computer time back to normal it puts a future timer on everything you harvested on the latest date you had your computer set to. So therefore you cannot harvest any of it unless you continue to set your computer date ahead.

    • Angelz

      Yes, that’s the problem with manipulating the timer. It goes both ways good and bad. I was in hurry and tried to experiment things; but yeah we also do not recommend you to change the timer as it can simply bust the whole game momentum.

      • Anuran

        If you set your PC date/time to the past before you start a new game, in theory you could time travel forward until the current day/time?

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