Disney Dreamlight Valley- How To Break Dazzle Beach Blue Rocks

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, we perform various tasks in order to gain Dreamlight points which is an experience or currency points used to unlock the areas. If somehow, we invested 1000 Dreamlight points to purchase a new area Dazzle Beach, we would notice that there are new big blue-green crystal rocks that cannot be broken down with our simple Pickaxe or any other Royal Tools. Is it breakable and if so how?

How To Break Dazzle Beach Blue Rocks At Disney Dreamlight Valley

To break these big beach blue rocks, you will need your Pickaxe to be enchanted or blessed. To do such, you will need to farm 3000 Dreamlight Points and unlock the middle door in the Dream Castle to enter the Moana Realm. You will need to complete the quests given in order to level up your axe.

There would be a few quests where you will need to gather resources around the island. Next, you will have to talk to the Great Maui and complete the quest. Answering all the correct answers will please him, even if you are wrong; he will enchant your pickaxe which will become powerful enough to destroy small-sized rocks such as the blue-green rocks.

Eventually, complete the quest and build a building in the Dreamlight Valley for Moana. However, the big-sized blue rocks seem to be indestructible. To destroy the rock you will further need to upgrade your Pickaxe after reaching Friendship Level 4 and complete the quest “A Tale Of Stone And Fire. There are a few more informative guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, which we have mentioned below the description:

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