Disney Dreamlight Valley- First Magic Gate Puzzle Solution

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley where every single thing is magical, we would have stumbled upon a magic gate puzzle in the Mystical Cave which requires an extraordinary feat of observation and exploration skills to pass it. To activate the first magic gate we would require 3 specific colored gemstones that will let us continue on our hero’s quest.

First Magic Gate Mystical Cave Puzzle Solution For Disney Dreamlight Valley

The three statues placed have all specific glowing necklace stone that indicates what type or what color of gemstone we require in order to advance through. The color of gemstones we required is Green, Blue, and Red.

These gemstones can be mined through or breaking stones that have mineral ores sticking out from them. These black stones are unique compared to regular rocks and they contain the gems which we are looking for. They can spawn on any of the mineral stones you encounter near the huge indestructible boundary of hills or boulders. So, it’s recommended to break all the mineral rocks.

Green Gemstone: The green gemstone can be found or mined in the Peaceful Meadow. Just below Mickey’s house and on top of the Goofy’s shop, you will notice a downhill where a black stone with green gemstones peeking out. Break it using your Pickaxe and collect the Peridot gemstone.

Blue Gemstone: Break the stone or mineral stone i.e. located in Dazzle Beach or at the Forest of Valor to find the Aquamarine gemstone.

Red Gemstone: The Garnet stone can be found in the Plaza or Peaceful Meadow area. Collect the Garnet gemstone and move towards the statue location.

Place all the stones in their respective location in order to solve yet another puzzle in the Mystical Cave. For more guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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