Ooblets- Which Club to Join?

OobletsOoblets is a life simulation game developed and published by Glumberland and was released on
July 2020. In this game, the protagonist has to live a normal and prosperous farmer life in
Badgetown in Oob. Players have an option to join in any out of 4 clubs, viz., Frunbuns, Peaksnub, Mossprout, and Mimpins. After completing many quests and meeting various residents you will be offered to join in any of the 4 clubs. This guide will be helping you to find out the perfect club where you can fit in and collect your rewards. So, without any further ado, lets get started.

Which Club to Join In Ooblets

Each of the clubs has its own unique Ooblet and personality. Underlying descriptions of clubs might help you in case you are finding it difficult to be best suited.

  • Frunbuns: This club is headed by Melda. The cutest because the crew likes to call them sweet cuties who love cute things. This club will offer players a Tud which will support them in their dance battles.
  • Peaksnub: This club is headed by Bazil. These are the prospective leaders and the crew takes pride in themselves for the same. Once you have joined the club, you will receive Bittle, an aggressive ooblet who steals points from the opposition while battling.
  • Mossprouts: This club has its leader as Outgrid. The outdoorsy club will grant players the mushroomlooing ooblet the Shrumbo. Shrumbo lets you earn extra points when you make bonus moves.
  • Mimpins: Its leader is Videon. This club consists of techies and smart people who are kind of introverts and are never good at speaking to others in social situations. This club provides you with Sidekey, which lets you use your move twice.

Recommendation we suggest you should join Mossprouts because Shrumbo in your collection can
make you gain extra points for your behavior. For more informative guides on Ooblets, click on the link that has been provided below the description:

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