Disney Dreamlight Valley Which Realm To Choose In Castle

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley there are various different Disney characters with whom you can be friends. As the game is in the early stage, there are a few Disney characters available for you to play with. These characters will be present in the realm that you can travel to using dreamlight. In the realms, you need to complete their quests and after that, you can invite them to Dreamlight Valley. Below you will find which realm to visit first after unlocking the castle.

Disney Dreamligth Valley Which Realm To Choose

Once you gather enough dreamlight, you will receive a quest from the Merlin to clear the castle thrones. You need to reach the castle in the middle of the map and interact with the thorn. Spend 2000 dream lights to clear the thorns and unlock the castle.

After that, there will be a cutscene in which your character has a conversation with Merlin. He will ask you to choose one of the three realms. As you have only enough dreamlight to visit one realm. To visit other realms you need to gather a lot of dreamlight by playing the game and completing quests. The three realms are:

  • A Desolate Planet with a Shy robot – Wall – E
  • A Restaurant with a great little Chef – Remy (Ratatouille)
  • The Ocean with a demigod – Maui & Moana

You can select any one of the realms in the starting and you need to complete their quests first. Once you complete all of their realm quests, you can then invite them to the Dreamlight Valley by building a house for them. After building their house, they will act as other Disney characters whose requests you need to complete and increase friendship with them. You can also give them gifts occasionally or check their daily favorite items.

There is no best realm to choose, each realm has its own benefits. If you choose to visit Remy realm, you will learn more about cooking and unlock new recipes faster. If you choose Maui & Mauna realm, you will learn how to break the blue rocks on Dazzle beach. If you visit the Wall-E realm, you will unlock the garden to grow different crops. It’s now up to you which realm you want to visit, depending on the specific character you like to have in the village first, or the things they unlock in the game.

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