Disney Dreamlight Valley Help Wall-E & Place Scrooge Store Signs

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dream Valley at the beginning of the game, you will meet only a few Disney characters such as Mickey, Uncle Scrooge, and Goofy. The other Disney characters will be present in the realm that you need to visit and complete their request. One such character will be Wall-E whose track you need to find. Below you will find how to find the Wall-E track and help Scrooge put up store signs around the village.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Repair Wall-E Shy Little Robot Quest

If you have first selected the “A Desolate Planet with a Shy robot” realm, you will meet your first realm Disney character Wall-E. The first quest you need to complete is “The Shy little Robot”. In this quest, you need to help find Wall-E track so that he can move.

The track of Wall-E will be located in one of the refrigerators (Storage), there will be two refrigerators located in that area. One of the will have a few seeds and food items. While the other one will contain a Wall-E track, seeds, and cosmetic bag. Once you obtain the track, you need to interact with Wall-E and give the item.

After that, you will receive another quest to clear all the area and collect the piles, and then turn them into 6x trash cubes. Then help Wall-E plants special seeds and water them to help them grow. The final quest will be talking to Merlin and finding some Gems and items such as a fire extinguisher and sprout boots for Wall-E. Then you can construct a house for him in the Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Place Scrooge Store Signs

To increase your friendship with uncle Scrooge you need to fulfill all of his requests and complete the quests. One of the quests will be collecting woods and then crafting the store signs. To craft the store sign, you need to interact with the crafting table in his shop. Once you have crafted the store signs, you have to place them around the village.

You need to open your inventory menu, there select the furniture option from the left side of the screen. There you will find 4 store signs that you will be able to place around the village. After placing them interact with uncle Scrooge to complete the quest.

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