Disney Dreamlight Valley Feed A Critter, Friendship & Roles

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley there are various different things players will be able to engage with such as completing challenges, exploring, farming, or increasing friendships with Disney characters. You will also encounter various animals whom you can approach and feed. One such challenge you will encounter in the Dreamlight menu is “Feed A Critter”. Below you can find how to complete this quest, increase friendship, and all about roles.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Feed Animals & Feed A Critter Quest

To feed animals in this game you need to first find one near the plaza or valley. At the beginning of the game in the first area, you will only find rabbits and squirrels. In the Dreamlight book section, you will find a challenge called “Feed A Critter”. To complete this Dreamlight challenge, you need to find a squirrel or rabbit and feed him his favorite food.

Once you find a squirrel you can find him calling you and jumping around. You need to follow the squirrel three or four times and when it stops, you can approach it and feed food. The favorite food of squirrels is apples, and for rabbits is a carrot. You can find apples easily at the beginning of the game by harvesting.

Similarly, you can feed other animals by finding them around and following them. Once they stop approach them and give them food. After eating food they will drop an item for you to collect.

Note: You can feed animals only once a day. So if you have already fed all the animals in the meadows and plaza you need to wait for a day to complete Wall-E feed an animal quest. Else you can change the time of your computer or PC by a day and then feed the animals to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Increase Friendship

To increase your friendship with Disney characters you need to keep completing their quest. Each time you complete a particular Disney character quest you will get some friendship points. Each time you increase your friendship level you will obtain specific gifts. You can also increase your friendship by giving them gifts or favorite things of the day. To quickly increase your friendship level keep giving them flowers even if its not their favourite. You can find a lot of flowers in the meadows and plaza.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Roles

There are five different activities in this game which are:

  • Gardening – Companions can find more crops when harvesting.
  • Fishing –Companions can find more fish.
  • Mining –Companions can find more minerals.
  • Foraging – Companions can find more items when harvesting crops and fruits.
  • Digging – Companions can find more items while digging.

When you reach friendship level 2 with any Disney character you will be able to assign specific roles to them. After then when you interact with them a new chat option will be unlocked in which you ask them to hang out with you. After that, you will be able to do all the tasks mentioned above and your companion will help you obtain more items by doing these tasks with you.

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