Pokemon Go How To Get Rare Candy And Rare Candy XL

Pokemon Go

This time it’s for that one game, that had pleased our nostalgic hearts when Pokemon was just a TV show, right back in 2016, the game got surfaced all around the globe and no wonder it gave a massive fanbase. But this season, the creators have tried to give the pole trainers a little more with its new update. And with that, there a quite amazing addition and here we are with one.
Apart from combating Trainers or wild Pokemon, players had relatively few options in the early stage for properly leveling up their Pokemon. Trainers had to progress their Pokemon to level 100, which required a lot of grinding if they intended to successfully complete all of the region’s Gyms and the Elite Four. But one item was prized and maintained by all players up until a deserving Pokemon showed up: the Rare Candy !!

Poke trainers these candies are more of a catalyst/ elixir to your Pokemon than just a normal component. No matter how much experience they needed to level up, Rare Candies will definitely raise its level by 1. But as new Pokemon GO gamers will quickly discover, Rare Candies behave somewhat differently in this game. In Pokemon GO, there are no levels, instead, users utilize Pokemon-specific Rare Candies to make the respective upgrades. For example, a trainer can use a Pikachu candy to level up a Pikachu or Raichu. Additionally, these Candies will require users to increase the total Combat Power of their Pokemon. However, they eventually require Candies XL for the higher upgrade.

Pokemon Go How To Get Candy XL

So gamers with the XL candies we have a catch, Pokemon who have achieved “Level 40” can utilize Candy XL only. It is required for trainers to level up a Pokemon to 50, which is necessary for players to succeed in the more difficult GO Battle League levels. Once a player reaches Trainer Level 31, they can use Candy XL, but they are not able to max out because Pokemon Combat Capacity is level-dependent.
A level 40 or higher will eat a Candy XL instead of a candy made just for that Pokemon. The more the Candy XL a Pokemon needs to level up, the higher its CP (or level) is.

There are only two ways to gain the 31 Rare XL candies in total:

  • When you level up between levels 40 and 50, you get some as a prize.
  • Once you reach levels 43, 45, 48, and 50, you’ll have special entry to Special Research tasks. When you complete these missions, you’ll receive Rare Candies XL as a reward.

How To Get Rare candy

Now let’s talk about the rare candy. Rare Candy can transform into Candy for every type of Pokemon, making it kind of like a wildcard. This makes it extremely valuable because the first two methods are difficult to use to collect Candy for legendary & mythical Pokemon. Therefore, the only option left for you to obtain Candy is to walk the Pokemon. As you may expect, it is a considerably quicker alternative. But the bigger question is how to get it

Defeating Raid Boss – In Pokemon Go, blazing cool fights known as raid boss battles take place normally in gyms. Depending on the difficulty, some can be completed alone while others call for a large group. You will receive a specific amount of XP depending on the difficulty or a few items as rewards for beating the boss. Rare Candy is among only eight different types of rewards that you might get, but you don’t always get it after defeating a raid boss.

Research – After completing a research task, whether it be for special research, field research, or event research, Rare Candy could be awarded.

Trainers Battle – This is distinct from competing against those trainers during the Go Battle League, it should be noted. You will receive a prize for taking on other trainers on your own, by clicking the “Battle” button in the Friend summary, or by scanning each other’s QR codes three times each day. You have a 15% chance of getting a Rare Candy each of its three times.

Training – You’ll get a reward once every day for working out with any of the 3 team leaders. A Fast TM, Stardust, a Rare Candy, a Sinnoh Stone, or a Charged TM are some possible options.

PvP battle – Players can compete with their greatest Pokemon in the GO Battle League, a PvP feature in Pokemon GO. Players get to play five matches of PvP each time they enter. You’ll receive various rewards based on how frequently you win.

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