Ooblets- Where To Find Or Farm Clothlets Easily

OobletsIn Ooblets, Clothlets are an important resource that you will need in numbers. Farming clothlets is much of a deal at the beginning or even later in the game as it is a valuable clothy resource that will be used in almost everything. It has various uses but more importantly, we are here to learn how to farm clothlets, so without any further ado; let’s get into the topic.

Where To Find Or Farm Clothlets In Ooblets

The fastest and most tedious way to find or farm clothlets is to collect all the resources that grow from the land. It is necessary to grab every plants or resource that you see because on the next day there will be a new batch of plants or resources growing up. If you are picky and leave those resources sitting, you will find them on the next day and the day after, and so on. At some moment, you will be fortunate enough to collect a bunch of clothlets in a week span of in-game time. Even plucking off weeds will guarantee you with a Clothplant Seed that can be grown into full fledge Clothlets in 3 days.

You can farm Clothlets by exchanging 10 Wishies from the Wishy Well if you are in need of them. Next will be to check the Meed’s Seeds shop daily as you might get and obtain Clothplant seed that can be farmed in your farming area.

Repeat these processes and more importantly, collect any resources you can. Exchanging wishies might be one of the ways to get Clothlets, but you will prefer to use Wishies on other things so it might not be the favorable way, however, it is still one of the ways to get clothlets. Finally, farming which is the end goal of having supplies full of clothlets.

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