Ooblets- Where And How To Get Oobsidian

OobletsIn Ooblets, oobsidian is an important resource or a rock that is used in almost everything, name it from Tinstle Tasks to the existing recipes. What makes it more important and rare is that the drop rate is too low and there are few ways in which you can obtain it. So, if you want to learn all the ways to get oobsidian, then check out the complete guide.

Where And How To Get Oobsidian In Ooblets

To obtain Oobsidian, you will need to break the rocks which is easier said than done. The RNG is worst and it is not guaranteed to obtain oobsidian from breaking the rocks. However, one thing is guaranteed i.e. you can exchange 100 wishies from the Wishy Well to obtain an oobsidian. The simple amount of wishies required to obtain a single piece of oobsidian shows how rare it is. It can also be obtained from the sea dangle after selecting a super bait.

Once you purchase the Oobcop blueprint from the Wishy Well, you can unlock an Oobcop at Sprin’s furniture store. You will have to assign an Ooblet, more can be assigned if you have upgraded it to look after your farm’s crop growth and water it. Assigning Gleamy Ooblets at Oobcop allows you to obtain Oobsidian which is kind of a perfect way rather than exchanging Wishies for the oobsidian.

As mentioned earlier, that oobsidian drops when you smash rocks. However, there is a saying around the community, that there is an increased drop rate of oobsidian from the rocks when you break it during the duration when it is raining. The drop is RNG, so it can’t be pointed out directly whether that is a surefire way to farm or not but it is recommended to collect all the resources in Badgetown in order to spawn new resources in the area, or else it will be still stuck like a stain.

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