Ooblets How To Make Soggy Bread & Get Unusual Bibbin Seed


Ooblets is a simulation game that is a mixture of farming and obtaining cute little creatures. The game is developed by Glumberland which recently got its full release. There are various foods or items you will be able to craft in this and one such item you will need to get Bibbin seed is Soggy Bread. Bibbins are rain boot-wearing Ooblets that can be unlocked from the Wishy well after unlocking Even More Ooblets III. Below you will find how to make Soggy Bread and find Unusual Bibbin Seed.

Ooblets How To Make Soggy Bread

Soggy bread is one of the food items that are not available at the start of the game, you need to play the game a bit to reach level 3, and then only you will be able to craft one. First of all, you will need the recipe to cook the Soggy bread. The recipe can be obtained from the Wishy well.

If you head over to the Wishy well to find this recipe you might not find it there, because you need to first unlock the Bread Sammy from the Wishy Well. You can unlock Bread Sammy after reaching level 3. Once you unlock Bread Sammy you will be able to cook the Soggy Bread. The ingredients required to cook Soggy Bread are:

  • 1x Bread Sammy
  • 1x Rainplop¬†

Ooblets How To Get Unusual Bibbin Seed

To get the unusual Bibbin seed, you need to first get hands-on 2x Soggy Bread, you can follow the guide shown above on how to obtain them. Once you have 2x Soggy bread, you need to visit the beach area of Badgetown during rainyday. There you will meet Bibbin and friends who will challenge you to a dance battle.

You need to increase your meter on the left side till you reach 40 points. Select the best cards out of hand to quickly reach 40 points and win the dance battle. Once you win the dance battle, you will obtain an Unusual Bibbin seed. Now take the seed back to your farm and plant it to obtain a Bibbin.

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