Ooblets- How To Make Potions And Their Uses

OobletsThe New Nullwhere update is live in Ooblets which has brought us new content such as quests, characters, etc. Speaking of potions, now you can even obtain potions and use them on your adorable cute Ooblets to customize them and make them fancier. In this guide, we will discuss how you can obtain and make potions in-game and what are their uses.

How To Make Potions At Ooblets And Their Uses

In Nullwhere, there is a Witch name Wilba or Witchy Wilba who provides extra Gembers to townies which obviously they seem to like. You can practice Dance Battle and break down your moves with her Ooblets. You will earn experience points which are necessary to level up and unlock each of their signature moves. However, this same witch also has 2 potions that you can obtain for 2 Gembers each i.e. Tincture of Tinying and Essence of Embiggening.

  • Tincture of Tinying: Decrease size 3x times.
  • Essence of Embiggening: Increase size 3x times.

In the Badgetown, you might have stumbled upon Arah who operates a friendship sticker print press. She would ask you to gather 3 Boregus mushrooms and if fulfilled, she will reward you with 30 Gummies and 40 Friendship points. This will satisfy her obsession with creating potions for now.

Apart from these, there are no other means to get or create potions. You can purchase but you can’t brew it for yourself. Maybe in future updates, brewing potions might be added to distinctively customize the appearance of your cute little Ooblets.

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