Ooblets How To Get Gummies & Gember


In Ooblets the currency in this game used is called Gummies, while Gummies are used for buying various items in this game, to unlock blueprints and recipes you need a special type of money called wishes. You can also sell your harvested crops or food items that you craft from them in the store. Below you will find how to get Gummies easily and farm wishes.

Ooblets How To Get Gummies Easily

To obtain gummies easily in this game, the best way is to scan your Ooblets in the Lernery. Inside the shop, you will find Rugnolia who will help you scan your Ooblets. There are three types of Ooblets in this game and scanning each type will grant you a different amount of Gummies.

Scanning common Ooblets grants you 50 Gummies, uncommon Ooblets will grant you 100 Gummies and Gleamy or shiny Ooblet will grant you 300 Gummies. You can also buy Gummies from the Wishy Well. In the wishy well, you need to spend 50 wishes to obtain 100x gummies which I don’t recommend.

Another way to earn gummies is by completing Plenny’s Bulk Order. You will unlock this feature as start the game and in the beginning, these daily tasks won’t give you that many Gummies but as you keep leveling up and unlock new items, eventually you will get tasks that can give you around 800+ Gummies.

Ooblets How To Get Gember

Gember is one type of currency that can be found in the Nullwhere area. These currencies are used to buy positions. To obtain this currency you can try to visit the graveyard, the pond, and by the witch. They also can be spawned randomly in the Nullwhere area and Snurfler has a signature move that can be used to produce Gember.

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