Destiny 2 How To Get Touch Of Malice

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Maestros of Destiny 1 would be pleased to know that the coolest badass coveted rifle is back in business with the king, “The Touch of Malice”. As like the name seems royal to newcomers, veterans of Destiny 1 are well aware of its superiority. Touch of Malice performs nearly identically to the first game. You can start firing normally ten times before the weapon starts using your health and guards to power extra shots if there is only one shot left in the magazine. With the self-inflicted injury, you can kill yourself, however, the final round deals twofold damage for long as you wouldn’t reload. The coolest and rarest exotic items ever encountered in the series can be yours if you’re ready to enter Oryx’s Dreadnaught ship and defeat him. Additionally, the weapon has been revamped, making it essential for Guardians to own.

Destiny 2 How to obtain Touch Of Malice

The great news is that the King’s Fall raid is free for all players, and that’s how you can only obtain Touch of Malice this way only. This scout rifle, like the majority of other raids’ exotic weapons, only falls from the final battle with Oryx, despite the fact that the likelihood that you’ll really obtain it is quite low.

Touch of Malice only has one chance to drop per character, per week. And there is no way to increase your drop chances by winning battles and completing challenges in the game. Simply run the raid numerous times and pray for good fortune.

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