Tower Of Fantasy- All Normal Ruin E-01 Chests Location Guide

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, the ruins are gradually getting cleared slowly due to the level restriction put in every difficulty and ruin type in order to not let us overcommit to the most dangerous and random places. These Ruins offer us 2 additional ruin chests per difficulty and therefore in this guide, we have explained where you can obtain all ruin chests for E-01 ruin.

All Normal Ruin E-01 Chests Location Guide At Tower Of Fantasy

Ruin E-01 is located in Warren and once you have the recommended or required level reached, enter the ruin.

Easy Ruin Chests

If you have entered the ruin with easy difficulty, check these mentioned areas and locations.

  • After opening the first door, you will encounter enemies straight ahead. Defeat them at the crossroad where one of the paths will lead you to the ruin which is unmissable.
  • The next ruin chest is located behind the second door you open after collecting the first ruin chest. Once you defeat all the enemies, outside and open the second door, you will be greeted by enemies. Defeat them and soon you will notice a gigantic statue holding a ball. Use your Relic to lift yourself up and jump onto the hand of the statue to lift and throw the ball down. This will open up a chamber behind the statue that contains the ruin chest.
Normal Ruin Chests

Including Easy ruin chest locations, you will have to find 2 additional chests that are located here as mentioned;

  • As soon as you enter the ruin and defeat the enemies standing on the bridge, move forward to the room where you can interact with the valve. On the left side of the valve, you will find the first ruin chest.
  • The second ruin chest is located just outside the door. Once you open the door and enter the new area, instead of going forward through the bridge, search on the right side of the area behind the light lamp. Activate the chest and move forward to complete the ruin and collect the remaining ruin chests.

We have not met the requirement to complete the Hard Ruin Chest, once we do it, we will update it here. For more informative guides on Tower Of Fantasy, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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