The Last Of Us Remake Who’s a Good Boy & Lights Out Trophy

The Last Of Us Remake

In the Last Of Us remake, there are various trophies and achievements that you need to unlock to complete the game 100%. As in the remake edition, the left behind DLC is also included so there are 29 trophies that you need to unlock. Below you will find how to get the Who’s a good boy and Lights Out trophies.

The Last Of Us Remake How To Get Who’s a Good Boy Trophy

To unlock this trophy first you need the chapter in which you will visit Tommy’s Hydroelectric Dam. The part where you will meet Tommy and he will tell you that “The adults take turns guarding the perimeter. We even got an electrified fence when the plant’s up and running”.

As he will take you inside to explore along the way you will find a dog playing with a tennis ball. You need to pat the dog on the head to which Tommy will reply, “That’s Bucky. Not much of a guard dog, but he’s good to have around. After that head pat, you will obtain the trophy “Who’s A Good Boy?”

The Last Of Us Remake How To Get Lights Out Trophy

You can unlock the Light’s out trophy in Pittsburgh – Escape the City mission where you need to be in stealth and turn off the generator. At the end of the Pittsburg, you will find two enemies looking away from you. You can stealth kill one of them and your companion Henry will kill the other one. After that when you go outside, there will be spotlight and two guards.

One guard will be on the tower while the other one below him near the generator. You need to stay away from the spotlight and go in the clockwise direction towards the generator. You need to wait patiently for the enemy below to change his position and then turn off the generator without getting noticed. After that, you will obtain the Light’s out trophy.

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