The Last Of Us Remake- Live Bait Trophy/Achievement Guide

The Last Of Us RemakeIn the Last Of Us Remake, there are a total of 29 trophies/achievements and one of such will be “Live Bait“. You will have to bait the infected and the hunters to attack each other and let them engage in combat while you just enjoy the show. This is only possible at a certain chapter or stage where all the means and surroundings are perfect. Continue reading and you will learn how to get the achievement.

How To Get Live Bait Trophy/Achievement Guide For The Last of Us Remake

In Chapter 13: Left Behind, at the near end when Ellie has to vent inside and walk through the other side of the shop where she will encounter both the Infected and the hostile hunters. On the raised platform, where your current position is; you will have bricks lying on the platform. Pick it up and throw it in the middle or between the infected and hunters in order to engage fight against each other.

After hearing the sound, the infected will be agitated and rush toward the hunter, in return they will shoot at them. This action will let you obtain the “Live Bait” trophy/achievement. For more trophy guides on The Last Of Us Remake, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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