The Last Of Us Remake- Brickmaster Trophy/Achievement Guide

The Last Of Us RemakeIn The Last Of Us Remake, the trophy/achievement “Brickmaster” can be obtained after winning the duel against Riley. You might get the idea of what we are talking about right now, if not then we have this guide specifically compiled for those who want to learn how to get the “Brickmaster” trophy/achievement.

How To Get The Brickmaster Trophy/Achievement Guide For The Last Of Us Remake

In Chapter 13: Left Behind- Mallrats, you and Riley would be having funs going around and playing without a hint of any danger around. Once you are in the mall on the upper floor, Riley will suggest a game of throwing bricks on the abandoned cars. The loser has to answer other’s questions truthfully.

All you need to do is break the windows of the red car as fast as you can going around collecting bricks. You will have an edge as Riley would be slow to break all the windows, unlike your cat-like agility and god-like aim. Once you break all 7 windows, you will win the game of Truth and Truth and obtain the “Brickmaster” Trophy/Achievement.

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