The Last Of Us Remake All Safe Codes Solution

The Last Of Us Remake

In Last Of Us Remake, you will come across 4 safes that you need to unlock by entering the six-digit code. The codes to the safe will be nearby somewhere that you need to locate. Mostly these codes are written on a piece of paper that you need to find. Below you will find all the safe and code locations.

The Last Of Us Remake All Safe Codes & Codes Location

Chapter 3 Downtown (Outskirts) – In this area, you will come across an underground dark tunnel infested with the infected that you need to sneak past. On the left side, you will find an ATM machine, inside that shop at the reception desk you will find a note with the code “3-43-78”.
On the opposite side of the shop, you will another shop called Orange Line with a clock on its entrance door. Inside that shop on the left side, you will find an infected that you need to kill and open the safe using the code.

Chapter 4 Bills Town – As you open the fence to enter the town with open streets, you will come across a shop called Eatery On Main. Besides the shop, you will find a red truck and near it, you will find the safe. The code to the safe will be on the end of the street hanging on a fence. The code for this safe is “5-17-21”.

Pittsburg Hotel Lobby – After entering the lobby, you need to find a ladder and place it in front of the broken railing with the elevator. There you need to climb the ladder and go right through the broken stairs. Keep going till you find an open suitcase with a note on it. The code in the note is “22-10-56”. The safe can be found in the backroom near the reception.

Suburbs – Near the ice cream truck you will find two dogs playing around. There you will find the blue house with an open door. Go inside to the third floor to find the matchbox near the computer table with the code “8-21-36”. The safe will be located on the first floor.

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