Genshin Impact- All Lost Riches Treasure Area 3 Location Guide

Genshin ImpactThe Event Lost Riches in Genshin Impact has a Treasure 3 unlocked where we have to obtain 3 treasures in Ardravi Valley. The clue is given i.e. Follow the Treasure-Seeking Seelie to search for the treasure. However, the clue isn’t enough to guide us to the treasure alone, let alone all 3 treasures. Therefore, we have compiled this post specifically to obtain all the 3 Lost Riches Treasure Area 3.

All Lost Riches Treasure Area 3 Location Guide For Genshin Impact

The first thing, you need to do is teleport to the Ardravi Valley, Sumeru Teleport Waypoint. Now, look under Gadget, there will be a Treasure-Seeking Seelie; use it. Look around, you will notice energy particles that will fill up the Seelie. The number of energy required will be shown to you at the top. Once done, the minimap will show you where to dig in order to unearth the first treasure. Start the Challenge and collect all the energy to recharge Seelie’s Vitality to collect the Exquisite Chest.

Now, repeat the process of filling up the energy from the area nearby again and follow the minimap. You will come across the area where the treasure is buried. Start the challenge and complete it in order to obtain the second Exquisite Chest.

Similarly, recharge Seelie again by collecting the energy in the Treasure area or closed vicinity which will help you locate the final treasure. Start the combat challenge, and once completed it the final treasure is obtained for Lost Riches Treasure Area 3.

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