Galaxy Life- How To Progress Fast And Quick

Galaxy LifeIn Galaxy Life, there are profitable ventures and unsuccessful ones as well, so it’s all about the strategy you plan. The greatest playing strategy will be covered here to make the most advancement in the shortest period of time. Additionally, we have made sure our guide will project you various strategies for playing the game to fit your play style and your comfort. We have tried to make the guide a bit more easier to understand, by separating it into different categories and specifically giving you the best possible shortcuts to make things faster.

How To Progress Fast And Quick In Galaxy Life


The strategy for deploying workers shall be taken on judiciously. Since you are given a total of 5 workers in the total game for developing and building different units. But the tip here is, to use only 3 three workers and save hammers for the later part of the game in the first base. And when you move forward and conquer and expand to colonies, you need to have those three workers and enough hammers for the proper development of the colonies. Make sure you don’t use up all the hammers in one place, and the unit becomes overdeveloped.


Invariably this aspect of the game will give you a risk and reward approach. Since you will have more rewards but the risk is, it can be sooner or later. So here’s a pro tip that will somehow give a better speed up to loot and destroy.

USE BAZOOKA !! The Sparragon and Firebit destroyer weapon not only has a massive range but a makes good damage. Beetle Tanks and Bazookas are the best mid-game units, so upgrade those whenever you can. If you’ve upgraded them to the maximum extent, move on to S-Trikes since they’ve become the meta unit. The Bazooka Beetle combo, which has low health and great damage while the Beetle Tank has weak damage and high health, is the best mid-game combo since it effectively imitates a colossus. Before you unleash the Colossus itself, position the Bazookas behind Beetle Tank for a strong combo that is very effective.


If you don’t have much time to play, concentrating all of your efforts on improving Compact Houses is indeed the best course of action. These houses produce coins while you’re away, saving you the time it would take to spend hours looking for territories in the galaxy to collect items. To finish upgrading them, though, so that coin generation will start and your tiny Starling citizens may be taxed, you must log in to the game. If you’re gonna focus on upgrading your houses then you should level all your houses equally instead of hard-focussing on only a specific few at a time as you will handicap yourself for a long time if you keep most of your houses low-leveled and your high-level houses constantly occupied with upgrading, you will be at a long-term disadvantage.


Spend all of your chips accelerating the time required for the Observatory to receive colonies, which will greatly speed up your development. Another choice is to increase your units’ training slots so that you could have more units ready to go when you go offline.


Friends can be really good catalysts to your game progress since they can help in the following ways in Galaxy Life. When constructing or upgrading a building, aiding can speed up the process by a particular percentage, this is especially helpful for structures whose construction takes a lengthy period. Obtaining mystery cubes or maybe forming the best defense system. They can really be a good investment.

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