The Last of Us Remake- Waterlogged Trophy/Achievement Guide

The Last Of Us Remake

In The Last Of Us Remake, we have a trophy/achievement i.e. “Waterlogged” that can be obtained after performing a specific task in the sewer with Henry and Sam. There are multiple ways to approach the situation and we took the first part instead of latter which we have mentioned in this guide.

How To Get Waterlogged Trophy/Achievement Guide At The Last Of Us Remake

In Chapter 6: The Suburb, you will find new allies i.e. Henry and Sam who are separated from their pack and stranded together surviving. Have an adventure with them and once you reach the Sewers, Henry and Sam, whereas Joel and Ellie will search for different ways for intel.

Once you make your way through and collect all the resources, you will meet Henry and Sam as they have found the path ahead. In that instance, you will have to help Ellie cross the water and operate the lever in order to let Henry and Sam cross through. There are multiple ways through which we can work i.e. either stay in the water and let Henry help you up or move back to join Henry and Sam.

At that instance, move back and group together with Henry and Sam in order to get on the moving platform at which they are standing. You will move across the water and also obtain the trophy “Waterlogged“.

For more Trophy guides, check the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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