The Last of Us Remake- Memorium Trophy/Achievement Guide

The Last Of Us RemakeIn The Last Of Us Remake, we are relinquishing the memory back with better graphics and controls. The new game brings back the new trophy or achievements that mark up the special progress line i.e. compared with other players from all around the world. To complete and get Memorium Trophy/Achievement, we have compiled this small guide just for you!

How To Get Memorium Trophy/Achievement Guide At The Last Of Us Remake

Once you meet Bill in Chapter 4: Bill’s Town and have an adventure together, the time to obtain the Memorium Trophy or achievement is near. Proceed through the story and after escaping the school, all three of you will rendezvous at the safe hideout where the atmosphere would be quite tense between Joel and Bill. Until they spot a hanging body i.e. Frank’s body.

In that house, Ellie will find a working car. After the cutscene when you are given control over Joel back, explore the house for useful resources. In the bedroom, you will find a letter from Frank at the table. Pick it up and reach out to Bill to give him the letter. Once he is done reading, he will throw the letter on the other side.

Now, this is important, you will need to walk around the car and pick up the letter to get the achievement/trophy “Memorium“. For more Trophy guides, check the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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