The Last of Us Remake- Left Hanging Trophy/Achievement Guide

The Last Of Us RemakeIn The Last Of Us Remake, we have a trophy/achievement i.e. “Left Hanging” which is pretty easy to obtain if you do not interact with Ellie in a specific area or part. This trophy guide is specially dedicated to learning how to complete and obtain the “Left Hanging” trophy/achievement. Few of us interactive bunches have missed this trophy as during the heat of the moment we have cheered Ellie with her achievement. Instead, we need to be cold-hearted Joel as mentioned.

How To Get Left Hanging Trophy/Achievement Guide At The Last Of Us Remake

Proceed through the main storyline, you will come across the hydroelectric dam area in Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam. The dam will be half open and with the help of Ellie, you can open another door which is on the other side. With the help of a pallet, take her to the other side and she will open the dam, lifting up the platform for you to cross.

Once you cross the dam platform, she will raise her hand remarking “Teamwork“. There will be an interactive option, if you choose not to high-five her then you have successfully obtained the Trophy/achievement i.e. “Left Hanging“.

For more Trophy guides, check the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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