Rumbleverse- Tips And Tricks To Win Fights

Rumbleverse is one of the most exciting battle royales which one must come across. There are no gamers who will not appreciate the WWE moves and combat maneuvers of the game. You can’t win unless you know the core mechanics of the game as at some point luck might run out and pure skills will be required to fight against the highly skilled players in the arena. Therefore in this guide, we have mentioned some tips that might help you reach the Top 5 or even the last man standing almost all of the game.

Tips And Tricks To Win Fights At Rumbleverse


The first and foremost thing you need to do is earn Perks. Perks are awarded when you deal damage or eliminate other players. So, it is recommended to fight enemies and if you think that you are at a disadvantage situation, make sure to run, climb and jump all the way out of the place. Poke players and do not commit at a single target when there are more than 1 or 2 players are nearby. They might be waiting for your stamina to go down in order to chase and hit you when you are vulnerable. Check out the perks that you are awarded and change your playstyle according to them.

Super Mode

Most importantly, you can use Super Mode to even dodge other player’s grapple moves during the invincible window. Super Mode is a nice tool to resurrect yourself when you are KO’d but keeping that in reserve is simply wasting a resource. Use Super Mode to eliminate enemies when you have dealt enough damage to be sure that there is no chance he/she is surviving your Super Move. Even your health recharges pretty fast when you are at Super Mode.

You can use Super Mode as a finisher like it tends to be but if you think that you are hurt and unfavorable position, simply get out from that scenario while you are healing up. You can bait others when they decide to follow you. While using Super Mode, make sure to use cars or any jumping pads to get more air time in order to deal maximum damage. This works on regular grabs or skill grabs.

Wake Up

The most important of all is to know how to wake up. There are three ways in which you can wake up:

  • Normal Wake-up
  • Jab Wake-up
  • Unblockable Wake-up

It is more of a situational thingy as you might find players who are generally aggressive and passive. When players are aggressive, they tend to follow up their moves with Elbow drops. If they mess up the timing and they can’t get far, you can wake up using Triangle to do an Unblockable attack and follow up with your skill or wall splash to extend your combo.

If there are a bunch of enemies on top of you fighting or having a rumble then wake up using the normal attack button. However, you will be vulnerable to the players who anticipated your wake-up and blocked it. The best way is to wake up normally and try to gain distance, or block/dodge. This is purely situational!


You can break the crates to obtain items that can be used to increase the stats. You can also store items such as chairs or chickens to use them later. Everything so far is good, but still do not forget to use crates as an attacking tool. You can throw objects onto the enemies to deal damage. Players forget when they are all stacked with their skills, stats, and pockets that they can use their surrounding objects. Even you can use chicken as bait during the endgame when everyone is running low on health.

Be aware of how many players are in the vicinity and make sure you hold the block button while looking. Even using the block button regenerates stamina a little bit faster or perhaps it seems like it. For more informative guides on Rumbleverse, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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