Rumbleverse- Best And All Combo Guide

Rumbleverse is a battle royale of 40 players where we all land in an arena or a map that starts shrinking down in order to force all players or remaining players to fight against each other. Apart from all flashy WWE moves, the initial combos that each of the players can perform are pretty useful to open up or create space according to the situation. In this guide, we have featured all the combo lists and how they can be used against the fierce opponent with regard to the surrounding.

Best Combo Guide For Rumbleverse

This guide is written in mind that you know all the basic controls. Apart from picking up the moves or skills, you can perform the basic combos as written:

  • Jab, Jab, Jab: Square x3
  • Jab, Kick: Square, Triangle
  • Jab, Jab, Throw: Square, Square, Triangle

All these moves can be extended with an elbow drop i.e. Jump, Square button. Most importantly, if you manage to push your opponent to the wall, they will be stunned or stuck for a while which can be extended with the grapple moves.

Grapple moves are the most damage-dealing moves you can deal to the opponents but they can be easily dodged and punished. Be aware of using it mindlessly as it will create an opening for your opponent. You must mind the hierarchy of the attack priority system when you enter the arena.

Attack Priority System
  1. Super
  2. Power
  3. Weapon
  4. Special Strike
  5. Basic Strike
  6. Special Vicious
  7. Basic Vicious
Combos With Special Moves

Dolphin Dive is only one of the best move extenders you can get. With the purple skill Dolphin Dive, you can extend with a simple Jump and Grapple. After using Dolphin Dive, immediately Jump and normal grab which will pull you towards the enemy and perform an air grab. The same move can be applied with your special skill grabs or special skill attack. The only downside is that you will be consuming lots of stamina. It is recommended to practice it in the playground to get the timing right.

The most underrated move will be the sprinting grab. Sprint Grab will simply allow your character to redirect or push an enemy. You can control the direction in which you want to push the enemies. So if they are near a wall or any object, you can push them onto the wall and use special skills to deal devastating damage during the duration of the stun.

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