Genshin Impact- Sumeru Bridge Torch And Locked Chest Puzzle

Genshin Impact

First of all, gamer bugs, Genshin Impact’s plethora of quests shall appease your mission quest hunger, but it may be sometime a bit confusing and complex as well. And this time we are here with a new quest and that is the quest of locating the chest in the bridge. For that, you have to locate the specific bridge in order to open the locked chest or find a key spot. So without any bigger bendings let us give you a straight walkthrough of the quest, how you shall unlock it, and where to find it.

Sumeru Bridge Torch And Locked Chest Puzzle Location At Genshin Impact

Genshin ImpactZoom in the map and locate a small bridge connecting the Chatarakam cave island with the Palace of Alcazarzary as shown in the image above. And that’s where you shall find the Common chest, right in the middle of the hanging wooden bridge. But travelers this ain’t an easy quest to find and open the chest. This magical chest demands a bit of your effort since it has more to offer.

All have to do is light the four torches on either side of the bridge to activate it, but the catch is they are invisible. And in order to do so, you will come across a blazing fight with a mini-boss and then reveal the torch to light it up.


Once you reach the bridge, you will notice that there is one torch on each side of the bridge, and the remaining torches are somewhat invisible or translucent. Nearby, you will notice red withered fungi flowers.

Choose the Pyro character, Amber, and summon dendrograna to target the flowers and destroy all of them in order to summon the boss to a little duel. Defeat the boss and destroy the last flower standing that’s called the “Tumor of the Withering” or in more layman’s terms, the infection. And once you do that, the stability is back in order and everything is back to its greenery again.

Once everything is back to normal, the TriLakshana creature who is patrolling back and forth reaches the translucent torch, use an Electro attack and reveal the torch after stunning the flying creature. During the electrifying duration, light the torch up and repeat the same method on another side to light all 4 torches. Ultimately the chest will spawn in the middle of the bridge allowing you to collect all the contents present inside it.

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