Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains 1 All Riddles Solution

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In Destiny 2 The Cryptic Quatrains quest can be found in the treasure beacons from the rank rewards menu of the Star Chart. To get the Cryptic Quatrains 1 quest you will need to reach rank 7. Once you get the quest, you need to solve 4 riddles to get the treasure. Below you will find the riddles and how to complete them:

Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains 1 All Riddles Solution

Riddle 1

My story begins as I hide from the crews
They search and will find me unless I hide soon
I’ll wait on the nightfall, the cleverest ruse
And force them to hunt by the light of the moon.

Hint – Begins Seach On Moon

The solution to the riddle is for you to travel to the moon. Once you reach the moon you need to solve the second riddle to progress.

Riddle 2

Behind in the harbor, their sorrow was real
They lost what I’d taken, me heart filled with fear
From cruel revelation the dawn would reveal:
A chest, broke and barren, and me nowhere near

Hint – Harbor Sorrow Lost Revelation Chest

The solution to this riddle is for you to visit the K1 Revelation sector and find treasure loot. Once you open the chest the second part of the quest will be completed.

Riddle 3

My eyes toward the cosmos, I let out a sob
I begged to the gods and the fallen alike
By bullet or saber, I’d fall to the mob
But please, let me deal them a palpable strike

Hint – Cosmos Fallen Saber Strike

The solution to this riddle is for you to complete the Fallen S.A.B.E.R Strike in the Cosmodrome.

Riddle 4

The winds of Europa were frozen and white
And even the tides had been stopped by the cold
The hook would swing empty, I’d not die tonight
By cranes they’d be searchin’, but I’d keep me gold

Hint – Europa Eventide Hook Crane Search

In the Eventide Ruins of Europa, you need to find a patch of snow on the ground with a green sigil marked on it where the Servitor public event occasionally happens. Once you dig the snow you will find the treasure and complete the quest.

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