Tower Of Fantasy- All Scenic Points Location For Complete Map

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, we have exploration progress and in each region, you will find that there are scenic locations along with Supply Pods and others i.e. required to complete the World Exploration 100%. This is a small start but to search a handful of scenic locations in each region is not easy to achieve even if there is an image given as a reference for it. Therefore in this guide, we have provided an image through which you can find all the scenic point’s locations for all regions in Aesperia.

All Scenic Points Location For Complete Map In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy

Image Credit: Interactive map by appsample

Take the above image i.e. taken from the interactive map by appsample as a reference and complete the whole scenic point to increase your exploration progression for all the regions. Exploration points are necessary so that you can achieve all the rewards that you can obtain after reaching the threshold or specific points.

As you can see there are a total of 23 scenic locations in a total of Aesperia where;

  • Astra– It has 5 Scenic locations.
  • Banges– It has 6 Scenic locations.
  • Navia– It has 4 Scenic locations.
  • Crown– It has 4 Scenic locations.
  • Warren– It has 4 Scenic locations.

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