Genshin Impact Pardis Dhyai Stone Pillar Seal Puzzle

Genshin Impact

In the Genshin Impact Sumeru region, there are various underground caves that players can explore. In these caves, you find various puzzles, seals, and barriers that you need to complete and unlock. One such cave is on the north side of Pardis Dhyai which will be blocked by a barrier. Near the seal, you can find the stone totem that will be sealed. Below you will find how to open the barrier and unlock the seal.

Genshin Impact How To Unlock Pardis Dhyai Cavern Stone Pillar Seal

As you enter the cavern that is north of Pardis Dhyai, you will find a route on your right. There you will find some enemies that you need to defeat to unlock the seal on the stone totem. After defeating the enemies wait for a few seconds and then go near the barrier. Once the seal is unlocked from the totem you need to use Dendro Elemental attack on the totem and the first seal will be unlocked.

After that go inside the cavern to find a phantasmal gate. There you need to play the Rhythm of the Dream to start the challenge. Once you complete the challenge, the second barrier will be unlocked. Once the seal is unlocked keep going forward to find a stone pillar seal. You need to unlock the seal and defeat the Ruin Grader. After defeating the Ruin grader, there will be a cutscene where you will have a conversation with the Aradashan group who will give you the task to find another stone pillar seal.

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