Farthest Frontier- How To Prevent And Cure Disease

Farthest Frontier

In Farthest Frontier when you are busy building up a civilization, keeping resources and health checks has always been a necessity to have a healthy life. Some diseases are infectious and some are lethal similar to what we deal with in real life. It’s better to prevent it before any crisis occurs or if somehow any of your villagers get caught some disease then appropriate reaction and effort are needed instantly. Even if nothing is out of the ordinary, the disease can spread like an epidemic and infect a bunch of villagers out of blue. To prevent such occurrences, you might need to know how to deal with them and learn how to cure them before any misfortune happens to any of the family.

How To Prevent And Cure Disease At Farthest Frontier

The best way to prevent the disease is to learn how the villagers are infected and act according to it. However, if your villagers are getting sick then they will need medical help from a Healer’s House i.e. a Tier 2 building under Amenities & Services.

It is necessary to have an Apothecary shop in your town to produce medicine. However, these are just curing parts; there are ways in which you can keep your town sanitary high and avoid any mishaps. Most importantly, building enough wells for drinking water and a compost yard to collect wastes. Minimizing the wounds inflicted upon the villagers when hunting and replacing worn-out shoes when the villagers are completing errands tirelessly.

The List Of Diseases, Causes, And [Cure]
  • Cholera: Contaminated Water. [Build more wells and make sure there is no decomposition nearby]
  • Dehydration: Low Water Resources. [Build more wells]
  • Dysentry: Low Drinking Water. [Build more wells]
  • Exposure: Exposed to cold weather. [Conserve enough Firewood stacks to pass winter]
  • Festering Wound: Wound suffered from combat against another human. [Need Healer’s House]
  • Food Poisoning: Consuming raw meals. [Food needs to be cooked]
  • Foot Wound: Marching or working on bare feet. [Need cobbler to produce shoes for everyone]
  • Fractured Bone: Heavy lifting while working. [Need Healer’s House]
  • Influenza: Either due to cold or can happen randomly. [Need Healer’s House or herbs]
  • Rabies: Wounds from animals. [Avoid contact with animals; hunting from distance]
  • Scurvy: Missing fruits and green vegetables from the diet. [Need to feed fruits and green vegetables]
  • Tetanus: Untreated Foot Wound will develop Tetanus. [Need shoes]
  • Typhoid: Rats and unsanitary environment. [Build compost yard, use Rat catchers, use Soap]
  • Worms: Bare feet and unsanitary environment. [Need shoes, use soap, compost yard]

In-game the problem encountered is made almost realistic which gives us an edge to counter it or even a learning curve that is useful and necessary. For more informative guides on Farthest Frontier, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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