Tower Of Fantasy- How To Unlock Type V Armor Relic

Tower Of FantasyThe Type V Armor is an SSR-type relic in Tower Of Fantasy. It excels in combat and attacking enemies; leaving ashes behind when the work is done. You must focus on obtaining the killing machine from the get-go as it will be pretty valuable when you have it in your arsenal. In this guide, we have explained how you can unlock the Type V Armor Relic easily and why you must do it in this instant.

How To Unlock Type V Armor Relic At Tower Of Fantasy

Unlocking the mechadroid is pretty easy if you must say. All we need to do is accumulate 1050 Exploration points in the Crown Mines region. You will need to be busy exploring Crown Mines as it is not an easy task to explore and accumulate 1050 exploration points.

Once you have obtained the following Type V Armor relic, you can use and pilot it for 30 seconds. It has a cooldown duration of 200 seconds which is a lot but having armor i.e. immune to hitstuns is pretty effective. You can even self-destruct the mechadroid to deal an AOE flame damage. After advancing the stars or rating of the relic, you can gain buffs that make it more of a menace when dealing against multiple enemies or a boss.

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