Saints Row Meet With Jim Rob Location & Wingsuit Challenge

saints row 2022

Saints Row 2022 is the reboot of the famous franchise Saints Row. This is an open-world game where there are various quests, side quests, challenges, and much more for you to complete. While completing the Jim Rob venture quest you might get some trouble locating the guy. Below you will find where to find Jim Rob and how to complete the wingsuit challenge using a car.

Saints Row Where To Find Jim Rob in Meet The Jim Rob

The first venture you will unlock in this game is the garage where you will meet Jim Rob. You will need to deliver 10 cars to complete the venture quest which will unlock the car delivery featureOnce you deliver all the cars you will get a quest to meet with Jim Rob to unlock the feature. Jim Rob will be located at the backside of the garage near a table. Talk with him to complete the venture quest and unlock the delivery feature.

Saints Row How To Complete The Wingsuit Challenge Car To Wingsuit

There is a wingsuit challenge in this game that needs to be done with a car. While most of the players might speed up the car over a ramp and fly midair with their wingsuit, the challenge will not be completed. To complete this challenge, players need to speed up their car using nitrous on a straight road without much traffic, then climb onto the roof of the car by holding the triangle button or the E on the keyboard. After that, you need to quickly jump and use your wingsuit. The speed of the car will give you enough boost to launch into the air with a wingsuit and complete the challenge to unlock the signature ability.

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