Genshin Impact strange, unsealed, guiding,& whispering parchment

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact while exploring the Sumeru region you will come across an area called Devantaka mountain. There you need to complete a hidden exploration objective called Ever-Changing Parchment. You need to complete four challenges to complete the hidden exploration. Below you will find a brief guide on how to complete it.

Genshin Impact How To Complete Strange Parchment

To complete the first challenge you need to reach the area marked in the above image. Do not teleport to the waypoint present there, you need to be above the ground.

Teleport to the statue of the seven near it and fly towards the marked location. There you will find a challenge totem that you need to activate and collect all 8 particles. These particles can be collected using the four sigil leaves.

Genshin Impact How To Complete Unsealed Parchment

Once you have completed the first challenge, now you need to fly to the area marked in the above image. You need to interact with the challenge totem to start it and defeat a few enemies. Once the enemies are defeated your challenge will be completed and you will receive another parchment.

Genshin Impact How To Complete Guiding Parchment

To obtain this parchment you need to have a fishing rod. Visit the location marked in the above image and keep fishing till you find the whispering parchment. You might need a bait item called Sugerdew bait and it might take 3-4 tries to obtain it.

How To Get Sugerdew Bait

On the top side of Port Ormas, you will find the Sumeru fishing association mark on the mini-map. There you will find an NPC called Loumelat who will have the Sugerdew recipe. Now after obtaining the recipe you need to craft Sugerdew bait and visit the location marked in the guiding parchment and start fishing.

Genshin Impact How To Complete Whispering Parchment

For the final parchment, you need to teleport to the waypoint marked in the above image inside the cave. There you will find a tent, near the tent there will be 4 torches that you need to light up using a pyro character in sequential order.

You need to first light up the left side torch that is farther from the tent. Then light the other torches in the anti-clockwise direction to summon the treasure.

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