Genshin Impact Ruins of Dahri Cave Barrier Puzzle

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact the map of Teyvat is huge. Apart from various regions, there are many domains and underground caves. Ruins Of Dahri is one of the subareas in the Ashavana Realm in the new region Sumeru. To access this subarea players need to open a green barrier. Below you will find how to open the barrier in the Ruins Of Dahri.

Note: To open the cave barrier you will need one of the 7 vintage Lyre songs called Rhythm Of the Sprout. Without obtaining the song first and unlocking the underground cave of Apam woods you won’t be able to open the barrier. 

Genshin Impact How To Open The Cave Barrier In Ruins Of Dahri

The first step to this puzzle is to go to the center of the Ruins of Dahri and find the hole in the middle to reach the underground cave. Once you reach inside the cave go near the barrier where you will find a healthy Dendograna bud. Use Rhythm of the Sprout to summon a healthy Dendograna. Then hit the floating sigil with your Dendro attack to open the first lock of the cave.

To open the second lock you need to go into the underground cave of Apam woods. You can find the location in the image above. From inside the cave you need to make your way towards the Ruins of Dahri and follow the same procedure as above to open the second lock. Play the Rhythm of Sprout and use the Healthy Dendrograna to hit the sigil. Once both the locks are open you will be able to unlock the barrier.

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