genshin impact legends of the stone lock & stone pillar seal location

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact stone pillar Seals are an exploration mechanic that can be found in the Sumeru region. The first stone pillar seal you need to unseal will be in the Pardis Dhyai area. Once you unlock the first seal and destroy the first Ruin Grader, Aradashan will ask you to defeat all other Big Iron Chunks, you need to go and visit Aradashan again to complete the “Legends Of the Stone Lock” quest. Below you will find the location of all stone pillars and how to complete the quest.

Genshin Impact All 17 Stone Pillar Seal Location

Once you have destroyed all the stone pillar seals you will get a quest called “Legends of the stone lock”. Only after destroying all other 16 stone pillars, you will obtain this quest. To destroy the stone pillar you need to hit the pillar with a pyro elemental attack. After that, you need to defeat the ruins machine. You can use the interactive map HERE to find all the locations of the stone pillar seal, simply visit the website and on the left side you will find an option for various landmarks.

Genshin Impact How To Complete Legends Of the Stone Lock

To complete this challenge players need to first visit the location marked above which is on the southwest side of Sumeru City and enter the cavern that Aradashan mentioned. Once you enter the cavern from the marked location keep going forward till you find the Aradashan group.

Once you interact with the Aradashan group, the water level on your right side will decrease. There you will find an entrance to go deep inside where you will find the final seal that you need to break and defeat the Bulky Iron Chunk.

Once you have defeated the Bulky Iron Chunk the quest will be completed by you can get a Luxurious Chest there. To obtain the luxurious chest you need to go into the dream world by playing Rhythm of the Great Dream on the nearby stone. After that interact with the Aradashan group to start the fight in the dream world four times. Each time you defeat the enemy you will obtain a better chest and in the end, you will obtain a Luxurious chest.

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