Tribal Hunter All Endings Good & Bad, How To Find True Final Boss

tribal hunters

Tribal Hunter is an action platform game that recently got its full launch. The game is developed by Melonsoda Soft where the main character can change its size by eating enemies. There are three forms of the main character and while exploring the game you will meet various friendly faces and tougher enemies.

There are 9 main bosses and various secret bosses that you will encounter in this game. After defeating the last boss in this game, players can find the secret ending and get to the true final boss because in the normal ending the game does give a hint that there’s more. Below you will find how to get all ending and reach the true final boss.

Tribal Hunter All Endings

Escape the Island Normal Ending

After defeating the last boss Lord Darkdread, you need to exit the castle from the door through which you in on the left side. Once you exit the castle there will be a cutscene where the main character and all the people you meet during the journey leaves the island together to find a new as the island crumbles.

Fate Sealed Bad Ending

After defeating the last boss Lord Darkdread, you need to go towards the right side of the throne and body slam it till it breaks. Once the throne breaks you will go down underground into a dark room with a dark spirit sealed. The spirit will tell you to break the seal and inhale it. After a few attacks, you need to inhale the dark spirit and the island will not crumble. The other villagers will be saved and the main character Munch will be trapped and in deep slumber. Everyone gets a happy ending but at the cost of sacrificing the main character.

A True Guardian True Ending

To get this ending you need to follow the fate-sealed guide and reach the dark room with a sealed spirit. This time you don’t have to inhale the dark spirit. Rather keep hitting the hourglass till it breaks fully and the dark spirit is released.

After that, the spirit will get angry at Munch and calls him a traitor, after that there will be a cutscene and you get to fight the final true boss the spirit herself. She has 3 forms and you need to defeat all of them to complete the game and save all the villagers and the main character.

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