Tower Of Fantasy- Lumina PDC2 Abandoned Server Password

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy when you are exploring the Crown Mines, The Lumina, there would be a Deconstruction Device- PDC2 situated in isolation at height. To unlock or after interacting we learn that we need a 4-digit code to access it. The hint for the code is provided in the Abandoned Servers that will be found in Lumina hidden. If you come across PDC2 and need a 4-digit code directly then we have everything covered in this guide.

Lumina PDC2 Abandoned Server Password To Unlock Deconstruction Device At Tower Of Fantasy

While exploring Lumina, you will notice or find Abandoned Servers placed in different places that hold the digits to unlock the Deconstruction Device- PDC2. The password to unlock the Deconstruction Device- PDC2 is 7268. Once the 4-digit code is entered, you will obtain the Gold Nucleus that can be used to roll Gacha.

If you are intrigued about Abandoned Servers then there are a total of 3 Abandoned Servers in Lumina. The digits we get from each Abandoned Server are 7,6, and 8 confirming 1st, 3rd, and 4th digits. The last digit which is unknown can be experimented from 0-9 and pretty soon you will get the result.

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