Tower Of Fantasy- All Ruins D-02 Chest Location

Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower Of Fantasy, the D-01 ruin has 3 difficulties similar to other ruins where at Easy, the Chest count is 2; at Normal, the Chest count is 4; at Hard, the Chest count is 6. This guide is specially compiled in order to reveal the location of all the chests placed at each difficulty.

All Ruins D-02 Chest Location At Tower Of Fantasy

The chest location at Easy i.e. 2, remains the same in Normal mode and Hard mode, whereas there is only an addition of 2 chests per difficulty.

  • As soon as you enter the ruin, you will encounter enemies near the stairs. Defeat them, so that you can activate the chest without any interruption on the rightmost part of the area. Unmissable.
  • Next chamber where you have the Damage Terminal, you can locate the ruin chest from afar as it is located on top of some kind of machinery. Use your Relic to lift yourself up and activate the Ruin Chest.
  • As soon as you enter the ruin, you look straight where the grass ends. On the wall there would be a hole beside the tower. That hole is climbable, enter the hole where you will find the first ruin chest.
  • The second chest is located where the second Damage Terminal is located. Once you have drained the water with the help of valve, descend down the stair, and look under the same stair where you will find the second ruin chest.

We have not met the level requirement to enter the ruin D-02, as soon as we enter and find the Hard difficulty ruin chests we will update it soon, so make sure you check out the post frequently. For more informative guides on Tower Of Fantasy, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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