Genshin Impact- Take Pictures Of 3 Diff Tri Lakshana Creatures

Genshin ImpactSo the aim of the quest in Genshin Impact is pretty straightforward – Obtaining shots of Tri-Lakshana creatures throughout their three states—Normal, Activated, and Scorched. The events prompt will direct you to the vicinity of the picture target, where you’ll need to deploy an element before taking three photos of it with various elements applied. But the catch is the whole quest leaves some players tricked and confused on how to do that. So let us give you all the details that you need.

How To Complete Take Pictures Of 3 Different Tri Lakshana Creatures Quest At Genshin Impact

First of all, character choice. So we must advise you that it’s wiser to choose characters that can easily interact and not startle the Tri-Lakshana characters. And we nominate any Dendro, Pyro, and Electro character i.e. Collei, Yagei, and Lisa respectively.

So the better question now is who are the Tri-Lakshana creatures. As the name suggests it’s three of them, and they are The Poison Mushroom found near the Statue Of The Seven, the Bouncy Mushroom at Mawtiyima Forest, and the Rock Lifting Vine near the teleport waypoint near the intersection of Gandharva Ville and Chinvat Ravine as yellow marked in the images below. For taking pictures with three different states you shall be interacting with them and inflicting weapons as well. So follow the below rule with all the 3 creatures.

Genshin Impact

  • Pyro -> Scorched snap
  • Electro -> Activated snap
  • Dendro -> Normal snap

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