Genshin Impact How To Use Vasmrti & Giving Flowers Quest

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact you will come across a quest item called Vasmrti. You can find these by following the spirits that float over the nurseries in the Sumeru region. Using Vasmrti you can complete two quests in Genshin Impact. Below you will find where to use Vasmrti and how to complete the Varsha quest “Giving flowers”.

Genshin Impact How To Use Vasmrti

Vasmrti can be used in Aranakula’s garden to complete two quests which are:

  • Sprouting Seedlings
  • Varsha Quest

To use Vasmrti to complete the sprouting Seedlings quest, you need to visit the area and interact with Aranakula and plant one Vasmrti. To complete the Varsha quest players need to find all 12 Vasmrti scattered over the Sumeru region. Players can easily find all 12 Vasmrti by following our previous guide HERE.

Genshin Impact Where To Find Varsha

Varsha is located inside a cave which is on the south side of the Jadeplume Terrorshroom location. You can easily find the location of the cave by following the image above. Once you reach the cave fight the enemies and clear the withering zone. After that keep going forward to find a dead end and there you will find a special flower. Use the Rhythm of the Beastly Trail on the special flower to find the secret area. There you will find an NPC girl called Varsha

Genshin Impact How To Complete Giving Flowers

To complete the Varsha quest, players need to find all 12 Vasmrti and plant them in Aranakula’s garden in Dream Vanarana. After that, you need to wait a day for the Vasmrti to bloom into Viparyas. Collect all the Viparyas and interact with Aranakula to unlock an achievement called “When the dreams bloom”.

After that, return to the real world. There you can find a lot of Sweet Flowers. Now you need to find and interact with Varsa and then return to the garden with Varsha to show her the Sweet Flowers and complete the quest.

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