Genshin Impact how to unlock purple flower barrier dendroculus

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact there are various gadgets that can be used to explore the Sumeru region and find hidden collectibles. One of the gadgets is called Vintage Lyre which has 7 songs and one of the songs is used to unlock the special purple flower barrier. Below you will find how to obtain this song and unlock the purple flower barrier.

Genshin Impact Unlock Purple Flower Barrier

Before you can unlock the purple flower barrier you need to first obtain the Vintage Lyre and the Rhythm of the Beastly Trail. If you haven’t unlocked the Rhythm you won’t be able to unlock the purple flower barrier.

To get the Rhythm of the Beastly trail you can check the location HERE. There you will find Arama with whom you need to interact. After that, you need to investigate the rock behind Arama and then observe the Sumeru roses to find the hidden song.

Then use your Vintage Lyre to play the beats shown at the top of the screen which are do, so, ta, mi, and do. Once you complete playing the beat you will obtain the Rhythm of the Beastly Trail that will allow you to unlock the purple special flower barrier.

Now all you need to do is go near any purple flower barrier and play the Rhythm of the Beastly Trail to unlock the barrier easily and you can obtain the rewards inside. You can also find some Dendroculus inside that can be used to complete the region 100%.

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