Genshin Impact- How To Get All 4 Sumeru Shrine of Depths Key

Genshin ImpactLooking for all the Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine of Depths Locations definitely isn’t a cakewalk to go. Each region in Genshin Impact contains a whole of 10 Shrine of Depths, containing a Luxurious Chest full of rewards. In order to unlock the Shrines and access the chest, all you need is the Shrine of Depths keys.

The release of Genshin Impact’s new version, it allows you to explore the first part of Sumeru, but there are only 4 Sumeru Shrines of Depths available currently in the game. We are here to help you locate all four of them, and make it extremely hassle-free and interesting for you to easily locate them as well as unlock them.

How To Get All 4 Sumeru Shrine of Depths Key At Genshin Impact

We would be sharing with you the complete walkthrough and the shrines locations are in no particular order which means you can pick up anyone and locate it as per below stated and have your access keys.

Firstly you can head to North of Sumeru City, on the peak of the Chatrakam Cave. Then, slowly descend the slope for a short distance right in the direction of Sumeru City from the Teleport Route which is roughly towards the south of The Castle of Alcazarzaray. On your left, there you’ll see the Shrine of Depths.

And the next can be found eastwards of the Dahri Ruins, southwest of Sumeru. If you are new to the area and you teleport to the access point on the hilltop somewhere towards the south , The Shrine of Depths can be witnessed over the hill to the south if you teleport to the waypoint on the hilltop north of the Ruins of Dahri. It’s highly recommended that you should use Four-Leaf Sigils to cross the surrounding area after activating the Clusterleaf of Cultivation, then go a short distance up the hillside.

This access key location can roughly be traced towards the Northwest of the Sumeru region, west of Vanarana. From the Teleport Waypoint towards the southeast, you can see the Shrine of Depths, but you’ll need to glide across and ascend the slope to reach there. Fortunately, we have a planned shortcut for you. There is another Teleport Waypoint at the top of the hill. Once unlocked, turn south, and it will be directly below you.

This shine is located in Port Ormos, standing straight on a hilltop. So gamer bugs it’s going to be pretty easy for you all to find it. The teleport access point is even located near as well. Extend your vision to your left you can easily see the apex of the shrine from there.

Key Location For The Sumeru Shrine Of Depths

Kudos to you all, who have just found out all the access keys to the Shrine of Depths. If not then a Sumeru Shrine Of Depths Key can be collected as a reward from Tree Of Dreams level 8. Rest all 3 keys can be obtained from the Statue Of The Seven after Worshipping at Levels 1, 3, and 5. For more informative guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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