Genshin Impact Dark Valley Elemental Monument Totem Puzzle

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact you will find various domains that you can clear to obtain specific rewards. Often these domains are locked and you need to solve a puzzle to unlock these domains to complete them. One such domain is the Dark valley in the Sumeru region that you can unlock by hitting the totems in the correct order. Below you will find the correct order and how to unlock the dark valley elemental monument.

Genshin Impact How To Complete Dark Valley Totem Puzzle

The dark valley is one of the domain entrances located in the Sumeru region and the special rewards upon completing it are 5x Dendro Sigil, 1x dreaming Steelbloom, and 2x guide to admonition. But once you reach the domain entrance it will be blocked by some mystical energy and you need to solve the puzzle to unlock the entrance.

In front of the entrance, you need to defeat enemies first and then find the four totems. Two of them on each side and two of them on the opposite sides. Behind these four totems, you can find some sigil marks. These marks represent the order in which you hit them with the dendro ability.

The first totem you need to hit is on the left side of the entrance. The second totem will be on the opposite side of the first totem. The third totem you need to hit will be on the right side of the entrance and the fourth totem will be on the opposite side of the third totem. Once you hit these totems in the order shown by the sigil the entrance will be unlocked and you can enter the domain.

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