Soul Hackers 2- How To Perform Sabbath Attacks Efficiently

Soul Hackers 2In Soul Hackers 2 there is a feature where when you are attacking an enemy, there is a certain condition that needs to be fulfilled. When the conditions are met, Ringo will summon or let all of the Demons attack the enemy. An All-Out attack is known as the Sabbath attack that can change the course of battle in a second. In this guide, you can learn how to use Sabbath Attack and how Stack plays an important role.

How To Perform Sabbath Attacks Efficiently In Soul Hackers 2

When you encounter an enemy and your skillset or attack has a chance to deal higher damage because the enemies are weak against that attack, you will gain a Stack. The Stack count can be viewed on the right top of the screen. Relentlessly attacking enemies with the skills they are weak against is generating the Stack count. Remember the AOE attack does not generate Stack count. A higher Stack count will result in a higher Sabbath damage.

At the end of the turn when all your party members have attacked, Ringo will come forward to consume all the Stacks and summon all the Demon members. When you perform a Sabbath attack on one enemy, then it will deal devastating damage, and if there are more enemies present, the damage will be distributed among themselves. Generally, when you use Sabbath attack, the damage is inflicted on all enemies, however, Damage Condenser in Commander Skill focuses on Sabbath where instead of all enemies, the attack is targeted at one specific enemy.

Sabbath attack is the most powerful attack that strikes at full force with a small cutscene every time. Even if you do not manage to eliminate enemies using the Sabbath Skill, they will be vulnerable during the next turn which makes them easy prey. For more informative guides on Soul Hackers 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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