Midnight Fight Express How To Throw Enemy Over Railings 

Midnight Fight Express

There’s this one game called Midnight Fight Express that caught our attention and which we must acknowledge had made quite a significant stance in the gaming universe.

Midnight Fight Express’s factually correct action roots are some spectacularly bloody gameplay that pits a lone warrior against a never-ending stream of idiots, cronies, and corrupt policemen. Beyond the combat, the game offers very little because it takes all its credits in that. The entire game takes place over the course of one night as you struggle to stop criminals take over the entire city.

Beyond its bloody battle, Midnight Fight Express doesn’t really provide much else, but its conflicts are so rich, varied, and satisfying that it doesn’t really require much more. Even though repetition starts to set in as the credits roll, the abundance of motion capture graphics ensures that you’re learning new techniques for knocking out enemies. This speaks to the level of perfection the creator can ace where motion capture is used so extensively.

In some of the stages, you need to collect the tooths and complete some challenges to get the best grade in the level. One such challenge you will come across is throwing your enemies over railings. Below you will find a brief guide on how to do it and complete the challenge.

Midnight Fight Express How To Throw Enemy Over Railings

Throwing your enemies over the edge/stair/railing/ledge could really be a good addition to your skill set to combat your enemies in the game. It’s rather an easy and intuitive attack for hurling down your opponents and giving you an easy kill. And for that, you must first make sure you have the skill necessary to do environmental takedowns before you can accomplish it. This skill is the second of the three in the “Finishers” category, and it will cost you 2 skill points to have it. Basically, it will let you perform light attacks near environmental triggers. So here’s how you can do it.

Steps to implement the skill

Set it up by luring a foe to stand close to a railing and then start screaming. My experience suggests that this works best against smaller foes because larger ones are more likely to be on guard and immune to light attacks. When they have sustained significant damage, the finisher would begin, and you will throw them over the edge.

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