Genshin Impact Sumeru Rose Seeds & While The Dream Lingers

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact there is various gadget that can help you explore all the areas and obtain some quest items. One such gadget called Seed Dispensary is required to complete the while the dream lingers world quest. Below you will find how to get Sumeru Rose Seeds and complete the while the dream lingers quest.

Genshin Impact How To Get Sumeru Rose Seeds

Collect the Sumeru Rose Seed is a part of the While the Dream Lingers world quest. While you have already come across the area, you might have forgotten that the NPC also provides Sumeru Rose Seeds.

To obtain the Rose Seeds you need to first visit the map of “Serenitea Pot” and teleport to the Sub-Space waypoint. There you need to find an NPC named Tubby who will be sitting inside a teapot and floating.

Interact with Tubby and open the “Creatures Of The Realm” on the left side menu. There scroll down to the bottom of the item list and you will find Sumeru Rose Seed to buy.

Note: The other way is to find a Sumeru Rose flower that is scattered all over the Sumeru region, and while plucking the flower make sure to equip the Seed Dispensary from the gadget menu.

Genshin Impact While The Dream Lingers

To start the quest you need to talk with a stranger NPC called Javi and help him look for his “dream”. Just look at the opposite side of the river to find two glowing golden lights coming out from the ground. You need to reach the area and dig.

After that, you need to give the “dream” to Javi to which he will say this is not his dream. The next quest will be to obtain Sumeru Rose Seed which can be done with the help of the above guide. Once you have collected the seed, now head to Port Ormas and interact with Javi to complete the quest and obtain an achievement called “Where Have You Gone, My Dream?”.

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