Genshin Impact- Sumeru Final Hidden Teleport Waypoint

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, there is an achievement section that is linked to the Teleport Waypoints i.e. scattered all around the areas in Sumeru. Even if we have lurked around all the areas following the World Quests or without any quest, we are confident that we have almost unlocked all the Teleport Waypoint, still why Forest Roamer Achievement is not unlocked? Where have we missed the one and only final hidden teleport waypoint? We say that this is the final teleport waypoint because it is not placed normally and there is no way you have unlocked the waypoint unless you are an experienced explorer.

Sumeru Final Hidden Teleport Waypoint At Genshin Impact

Genshin ImpactFirst of all, you will need to teleport at the waypoint in Lokapala Jungle, Sumeru i.e. placed near the Chatrakam Cave. From there move towards the West and from the high ground, you will notice an island-like area even on the map or in the image we have shown above. Approach the marked location where you will find there is an opening for the underground cave. Enter the cave and advance forward until you exit the tunnel and find four leaf sigil grappling hook spots.

Use the four-leaf sigil and make your way to the top platform where you will have to repair a broken elemental monument and activate the four dendro-powered totems by simply using charged attacks on them. The Common Chest will be revealed and also the final teleport waypoint will be unlocked completing a part of the Sumeru: The Rainforest of Lore.

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