Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom Location, How To Find

Genshin Impact

We are pretty sure you are already loving the new update in Genshin Impact and have set your sails to explore the all-new domain. The 3.0 most recent Sumeru update for Genshin added a number of brand-new foes and bosses, making it more interesting and exciting to defeat them. And since you have landed on our website for locating and finding out Jadeplume Terrorshroom. It is one of these bosses in this fungi-infected world, and it can drop a number of ascension rewards when defeated. However, some players may find it easy to kill this boss, others may find it far more difficult to locate. And we are all here to help you out and love ahead in the game. Here is our guide to finding and defeating the Jadeplume Terrorshroom in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom Location

The Jadeplume Terrorshroom may be found in Sumeru towards the west of Vissudha Field. And if you want to locate the Vissudha region you can find it to the northwest of the Vanarana.

As you reach the location by the time, you shall come across a lush green-themed surrounding, enriched with plants all around you. You need to go past this and you can do so by using a grassy route. Keep following the path marked in the above image and take a right to find a portal in the sky. To reach the portal you need to enemies nearby and use the four-leaf sigil. The unique drop “Majestic Hooked Beak” can be dropped with other rewards once you defeat the boss.

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